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Frequently Asked Questions

Bere are some frequently asked questions we receive from our customers. If you have a question that is not located below call us at 706-568-0500 or send us an e-mail jharalson@bannerbuildingscolumbus.co  and we will answer any questions you have to help ensure you are comfortable with your purchase of a Banner Building.

Q. How is my building delivered to me?
A. Our dealers use a specially designed flatbed truck to deliver a fully assembled building to your location.

Q. How much access is needed to get the building in my backyard?
A. That depends on the size of the building you order. Typically a horizontal clearance of 1' to 2' in addition to the width of the building and an overhead clearance of 13' is needed.

Q. What if you can't access my backyard?
A. Usually trimming a tree limb or removing a fence post will do the trick. The dealer can consult with you on this during a site inspection, if needed.

Q. How long does it take to get a building?
A. If you choose a building in stock, the dealer can usually deliver it within a few days. If you order a custom building, it typically takes two to three weeks. Delivery is weather dependant. Wet weather can sometimes delay the delivery of your building.

Q. Will my building rust?
A. No. The siding, roofing, and trim are made of maintenance free aluminum and aluminum does not rust. We also use stainless steel siding screws to prevent rust from the fasteners.

Q. Do you offer custom door and window placements?
A. Yes, at no additional cost. Doors and windows can be placed anywhere within a wall provided the wall is sufficiently tall and they are two feet from a corner.

Q. Can a garage door be placed in any wall?
A. This depends on the type of building you order. Garage doors can be placed in any wall of a standard tall. Garage doors can be placed in the peak wall (width wall) of a gable regular and barn regular.

Q. Do you offer electrical outlets/lights?
A. No. Electrical outlets and lights should be installed per the National Electrical Code by a licensed electrician. A storage building manufacturer cannot possibly anticipate all site specific conditions such as GFI requirements. The major cost for electrical service is installing wiring from the customer's home to the storage building. The most cost effective and safe approach is to have a local licensed electrician install interior lights, outlets, and switches when installing electrical service to the building.

Q. Are anchoring kits included with your building?
A. No. Soil conditions vary from location to location as well as code requirements. Anchoring is the responsibility of the dealer or customer.

Q. Why don't you use wall braces?
A. Traditional 1"x4" wood braces and metal t-braces require wall studs to be cut which reduces stud strength. The siding panel and screw pattern on Thrifty buildings are engineered to perform the same structural function as braces without weakening the studs.


Buildings that last a lifetime!
All of our portable buildings are guaranteed rain tight for ten years and our material is guaranteed as well.


Superior strength for long life!
These buildings will never rust and the UV-protectant polyester paint reduces the fading effects from the sun.


Buildings to meet your needs!
Need a new workshop? Are you out growing your garage space? We'll help you find the wooden building that will work for you.


Gazebos for your enjoyment!
These are the best built gazebos you will ever find for the money. Our gazebos are delivered, set up, and leveled free of charge.